The 5-page PDF that will change the way you set goals

Supercharge Your Goals

Are you tired of scribbling down a few vague hopes and dreams each year and giving up by the end of January? If you want to set and keep better goals starting today, my goal setting system is the answer. No subscription, just results.


My obsession with setting effective goals began almost a decade ago. After having spent my entire life writing 3 or 4 yearly goals on a small piece of lined paper each December, a good friend introduced me to a more organized method of goal setting and, just as important, remembrance. Like many people, I was setting goals each year with good intentions. However, I lacked the structure to set effective goals and follow through with them. The method was simple but powerful, and I was hooked.

 Over the years, I’ve tweaked and refined my process into one that has allowed me to accomplish much more than I could have imagined – founding and growing a successful entertainment company, building a YouTube channel with millions of views, becoming financially independent, maintaining physical fitness, creating a loving home for my wife and daughter, and much more – all while attending medical school. There are many factors that go into a high-efficiency lifestyle, and at the top of my personal pyramid of success are my goals.

My goal setting system, a one-time purchase available for less than $10, is an easy-to-follow PDF download that you can use each year to set and keep powerful goals. You’ll receive a copy of my actual goals, a detailed breakdown of each section and my process, a blank template you can use as a guide for your own goals, and a tips sheet on how to actually follow through with the goals you set.

Dedicating an hour or two each year to set effective goals and a few minutes each day to review them has been immensely powerful in my own life, and I know it will be in yours as well.

All the best,

Jordan Nelson

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What’s Included

  • An actual copy of my goals
  • Detailed breakdown of how to create each section
  • A blank template to use as a guide
  • Tips sheet to maximize your success

Better Goal Setting, Cheaper Than Lunch

By spending an hour or two setting effective goals, you can accomplish more this year than ever before. It doesn’t have to be January to set killer goals – try it now for under $10.

What People Have to Say

Hey man, I really appreciate your goal setting stuff. I have been doing 75 hard as a way to get back to a lifestyle of discipline and was looking for something that, once I finished, I could take those principles and keep them going and your system hits the nail on the head. Appreciate your work man.”


“I was impressed with the system’s effectiveness in helping me manage my time by allowing me a simple and straightforward way to organize specific goals. I often struggle simplifying my goals to help them become more easily attainable. Overall, I appreciated the system’s user-friendly format and found it effective, helpful, and very worthwhile to implement. 


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